Blower Fan for Icon units

Blower Fan for Icon units

SKU #SE109312

$248.00 Inc. GST

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Blower wheel for Breezair icon units.

This fan/blower wheel suits models:
Breezair EXQ models: EXQ150, EXQ170, EXQ190, EXQ210.
Breezair EZQ models: EZQ155, EZQ175, EZQ215.
Breezair EXS models: EXS160, EXS180, EXS200, EXS220.
Breezair EXD models: EXD150, EXD170.
Breezair EZD models: EZD155, EZD175.
Breezair EXH models: EXH150, EXH170, EXH190, EXH210.
Breezair EZH models: EZH175, EZH215.
Braemar RPCQI models: RPCQI75, RPCQI150.

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