Collet 1/2 1-25-080

Collet 1/2 1-25-080

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Older style Fan Collet to suit Bonaire and Celair axial motors with 1/2″ shaft sizes.

Suits older style fan blades. The newer large-hub green blades use a different collet (part# 6080807SP).

May be found in the below models:
Bonaire Summerbreeze models: SBS50, SB450, SBS55, SBM60, SBB800, SBM65, SBM60/65, SBL70, SB850, SBB950, SBB1200, BBM1250, BBM1350.
Celair Profile models: CP450, LP450, LP500, QP450, LP500, LP550, QP500, QP550, CP550, LP600, LP750, LP600/750, LP850, CP750, CP850, CP900, QP750, QP850.
Bonaire Commercial DF units: DF1, and DF2. Pre September 2018.
Bonaire Integra models: VSS50/55, VSS55, VSS60, VSM60/65, VSM65, VSL70/75, VSL75.
Celair QC models: QC7, QC9, QC11, QC13, QC14, QC15, QC17.
Celair QE models: QE7, QE9, QE11, QE13, QE14, QE15, QE17.
Celair QF models: QF7, QF9, QF11, QF13, QF14, QF15, QF17.
Carrier 29CTD models: 29CTD4500, 29CTD5300, 29CTD6300, 29CTD7300, 29CTD8400, 29CTD9000, 29CTD9500, 29CTD9800.
Bonaire Pinnacle models: PES160, PEM180, PEL200, PEH220.

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