Wiring Loom for old CPMD and ICON (NOT MagIQ)

Wiring Loom for old CPMD and ICON (NOT MagIQ)

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20m long Harmony 3 wiring loom to connect the basic harmony wall controllers to the CPMD and ICON control boxes on some Breezair, Braemar and Coolair evaporative air conditioners.

**Not suitable for the touch screen MagIQtouch or MagIQcool controller.

Found in below units:
All Breezair EXH models EXH130, EXH150, EXH170, EXH190 and EXH210.
All Breezair EZH models EZH175, EZH215.
All Breezair EXQ models EXQ130, EXQ150, EXQ170, EXQ190, and EXQ210.
All Breezair EZQ models EZQ155, EZQ175, EZQ215.
All Breezair EXS models EXS140, EXS160, EXS180, EXS200 and EXS220.
All Breezair EXD models EXD150, EXD170.
All Breezair EZD models EZD155, EZD175.
All Breezair EX models EX125, EX145, EX165, EX190, EX210.
All Breezair EZ models EZ130, EZ160, EZ195, EZ215.
All Braemar LCB models LCB250, LCB350, LCB450, LCB550.
All Braemar BM models BM500, BM750, BM900, BM1150.
All Coolair CVP models CVP700, CVP950, CVP1100
ALL Coolair CPL models CPL450, CPL600, CPL700, CPL850, CPL1000, CPL1100.
All Coolair CPS models CPS450, CPS700, CPS850, CPS1100.
Some Breezair EA models: EA7, EA70, EA8, EA82, EA9, EA90, EA10, EA100, EA12, EA120, EA14, EA140, EA145, EA15, EA150.
Some Braemar RPA models: RPA4, RPA5, RPA6, RPA200, RPA250, RPA300, RPA350.
Some Braemar RPC models: RPC200, RPC250, RPC320, RPC400, RPC450.

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