Motor Mounting and Adjustment Bolts

Motor Mounting and Adjustment Bolts

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Install and Adjustment Bolt Kit to suit most Seeley Breezair and Braemar belt drive motors.

These bolts fasten the motor to the mounting plate and allow for adjustment of the belt tension. Found in below models:
All Breezair EM models EM105, EM125, EM145, EM165, EM190, EM210.
All Breezair ES models ES105, ES125, ES145, ES165, ES190, ES210
All Breezair EV models EV130, EV160, EV195, EV215.
All Breezair EX models EX125, EX145, EX165, EX190, EX210.
All Breezair EZ models EZ130, EZ160, EZ195, EZ215.
Breezair EP models EP160, EP180, EP220.
Braemar SVC models: SVC250, SVC320, SVC400, SVC450.
Braemar AMC models: AMC380, AMC560, AMC750, AMC1100, AMC1500.
All Breezair EA models EA70, EA82, EA90, EA100, EA120, EA140, EA150, EA7, EA9, EA10, EA12, EA14, EA15.
All Braemar RPC models RPC200, RPC250, RPC320, RPC400, RPC450.
All Braemar RPCQ models RPCQ250, RPCQ320, RPCQ400, RPCQ450.

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Please note: For safety and warranty purposes this item?must be installed by a qualified person.

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