Control Box TEK7EC

Control Box TEK7EC


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The TEK7EC is a tekelek variable speed control box used in Bonaire and Celair units. It can also be used in Brivis, Carrier, and Breezair units. It is the replacement control box for the Tek632, Tek461, Tek467 and 9amp lid (seeley part number 106953). This is compatible with the tek400 and tytronics control cables.

Compatible with some of the below models:
Bonaire B-series models manufactured before 2010: B18, B23, B27.
Bonaire Integra models manufactured between 2000 and 2010: VSS50, VSS50/55, VSS60, VSM60/65, VSL70/75.
Bonaire SummerBreeze models manufactured between 2000 and 2010: SBS50, SBM60, SBM65, SBL70, SB450, SB550, SB750, SB850.
Celair Profile units manufactured between 2000 and 2010: LP450, LP550, LP600, LP750, LP850, QP450, QP500, QP550, QP600, QP750, QP850.
Celair QC models: QC7, QC9, QC11, QC13, QC14, QC15, QC17.
Celair QE models: QE7, QE9, QE11, QE13, QE14, QE15, QE17.
Celair QF models: QF7, QF9, QF11, QF13, QF14, QF15, QF17.
Carrier 29CTD models: 29CTD4500, 29CTD5300, 29CTD6300, 29CTD7300, 29CTD8400, 29CTD9000, 29CTD9500, 29CTD9800.
Breezair variable speed EA models:EA70, EA82, EA90, EA120, EA140, EA150, EA7, EA9, EA10, EA12, EA14, EA15.
Breezair ES models made before 2000: ES105, ES125, ES145, ES165, ES190, ES210
Breezair EM models made before 2000: EM105, EM125, EM145, EM165, EM190, EM210.
Breezair EV models made before 2000: EV130, EV160, EV195, EV215.

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