Top Lid Fasteners (Charcoal)

Top Lid Fasteners (Charcoal)

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Charcoal coloured Roof / Lid knobs (fasteners) to hold the main lid onto the corner posts of some Brivis evaporative air conditioners.

Suits below models:
BRIVIS ADVANCE models: F13, F23, F24, F25, F25D, F26, F33, F34, F35, F35D, F36, F43, F44, F45, F45D, F46, F53, F54, F55, F55D, F56, F65, F65D, F66, F75, F75D, F76, F85D, F86.
BRIVIS ADVANCE PLUS models: F26DS, F36DS, F46DS, F56DS, F66DS, F76DS, F86DS.
BRIVIS PROFILER models: P23, P24, P33, P34, P43, P44, P53, P54, P63, P64.
BRIVIS PROMINA models: P24, P25, P26, P34, P35, P36, P44, P45, P46, P54, P55, P56, P64, P65, P66, P75, P76.
CONTOUR models: L10, L11, L13, L20, L21, L23, L24, L25, L26, L30, L31, L33, L34, L35, L36, L37, L40, L41, L43, L44, L45, L46, L47, L50, L51, L53, L54, L55, L56, L57, L61, L63, L64, L65, L66, L75, L76, L77.
RINNAI A SERIES A20 A30, A40, A50, A60, A70, A80.
RINNAI EVAP C SERIES: C20, C30, C31, C40, C41, C50, C51, C60, C70, C71.
KADEN CLASSIC models: KC17, KC21, KC27, KC32.
KADEN LOW PROFILE models: KL16, KL22, KL25, KL28.

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